Q. If I find asbestos-cement in my home should I panic?
Ans. In most cases no because there is no need for alarm.? Internal asbestos-cement sheeting for walls and ceilings in good condition and coated with a coat of paint are not a health threat.?? If a few sheets are broken or in poor condition then these should be removed by a professional although legally you can remove them yourself.

Q. What is the advantage of a roof membrane compared to roof paint?
Ans. A roof membrane is designed specifically to seal the roof with a flexible coating which is 2 to 3 times thicker than roof paint.

Q. What type of roof ventilation is available? Ans.? There are many types of ventilation for your roof available depending on the type of roof you have and the size of your budget.? Our representative can advise you on what is applicable to your particular roof structure and needs during the time of inspection.

Q. Will changing my roof improve the value of my property?
Ans. Yes it will because it will improve the look of your home remarkably and improve its value.? A roof restoration will also reduce the accumulation of damp and mould in the house and this will eliminate the risk of water leaks which can lead to damage to the house?s structure and its value.

Q. Are you linked to a particular supplier for roofing materials.
Ans. No, SC Roof Repairs is a fully independent contractor, supplying a complete range of roof and guttering services direct to many independent builders as well as NSW Government Contractors and Strata Management companies.

Q. Do your roofing services come with a guarantee?
Ans. Yes definitely!? SC Roof Repairs is committed to quality and assurance and use only the best manufactured products available, standing by all their guarantees plus guaranteeing our services and customer satisfaction at all times.

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