Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

The terracotta tiles are a naturally absorbing material of moisture which means attention to maintenance is important to prevent the growth of moss or lichen over the tiles.  If this maintenance is not carried out in the form of roof restoration; then the tiles will become soft and prone to cracking and leaking.

A build up of moss or lichen on the house roof will lead to dampness in the house which will encourage mould on the walls and ceilings inside the house.

The good news is that the terracotta tiles are a great material to clean and restore.  SC Roof Repairs have the right methods and equipment for a step-by-step complete terracotta tile restoration process.

Our estimator will give you a free inspection and condition report on your terracotta roof tiles together with a quotation cost estimate to restore the terracotta roof tiles and replace any broken roof tiles.

Our detailed roof restoration process includes: replacing any broken roof; apply roof stripper to strip any fungal growth; turbo pressure clean the entire terracotta tiled roof; clean out gutters and surrounding walls; replace any badly rusted valley irons; repair or replace lead flashings; replace or re-bed any damaged ridge capping tiles; re-point all ridge capping; air-blow clean the entire terracotta tile roof; apply 1-2 coats of Nutech Terra-Glaze or Aqua Stop Clear coating using an air-less spray system. 

This is followed up a quality control final inspection by one of our qualified terracotta tile roof inspectors before the job is signed off as completed.

SC Roof Repairs have the solution to making tired and unsightly terracotta roof tiles look new again.  So give us a call today.

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